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Gifford Electric, Inc.

3801 E. 1st Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111

Customer Service:
Tel.: (817) 834-6308   24 Hour Service
Fax: (817) 834-8245

Gifford Electric Inc. - Mission Statement

The goal of Gifford Electric Inc. is to achieve the highest degree of excellence in the electrical contracting business. We will strive to be the leading electrical contractor in our area. We will provide quality products and superior customer service. This includes more than just installation; it encompasses the managing and planning of electrical work as well. We realize that this cannot be obtained without the full cooperation of our employees. Therefore, teamwork and attention to detail have become our driving force. With this initiative in mind, Gifford Electric Inc. set forth the following guidelines:

To provide a safe, and productive workplace.

To provide the best in equipment, education, counsel, encouragement and environment for each employee to perform at his or her highest level of excellence.

To encourage a team atmosphere where everyone appreciates and respects the contribution of every other team member.


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